What to Expect from Our Accommodations on Your Getaway to Savannah

Perhaps you have never stayed at one of our member inns. This new experience may leave you with a few questions and concerns.  We ask you to take a moment to read our thoughts on assuring the best possible getaway experience.  Our B&Bs are as unique as the people who own them, but each one is dedicated to giving you an incredible experience - from simple to luxurious accommodations - we have it all.  We believe you will be surprised at what you find to be included with each and every stay.

The First “B” - Bed (Rooms):  You will find that most innkeepers have rooms with king, queen, or even twin beds - the mattresses are of the highest quality, and the linens are sumptuous, thus assuring a sound night’s sleep.   Unlike European inns, we offer private in-rooms baths, and many inns have jetted tubs, whirlpools, and deluxe showers.  Our B&Bs are located in historic buildings, so we have gone to a great deal of effort to preserve their historic charm. 

The Second “B” - Breakfast:  Breakfast is the second half of a B&B stay, and each innkeeper has their own repertoire of incredibly tasty recipes.  From simple fare to candlelit romantic breakfasts, it is standard practice to include breakfast at no additional cost.  You will find breakfast served in several ways from deluxe continental (usually rolls, muffins, coffee or tea and juice, cereal, and fruit), a full breakfast which may include continental items as wells as one or more cooked, hot items, and finally, we have those inns that offer a gourmet breakfast selection using fresh ingredients and seasonal fruits and vegetables presented in unusual breakfast entrees.  Your breakfast may be offered in-room, seated family style, or even at a table for two.  Many also offer breakfast in bed. The food is one of the things that differentiates each bed and breakfast, so be sure to ask what their offerings are.  You will also find that many of our innkeepers are able to plan for special requests or dietary restrictions (especially allergies), but please be sure to let your innkeeper know when you are making your reservation.  Whether at a communal dining table or smaller private ones, your B&B experience will be enhanced in conversations with your fellow travelers who delight in sharing their experiences.

Amenities - Amenities provided are as varied as our member inns.  Most offer television, Internet, Wi-Fi, etc., but be sure to ask.  The innkeeper will be more than pleased to point you to the places to go, will offer ideas on what to do, and will probably have maps readily available.

Children - Some of our inns are kid-friendly while others cater to adult travelers who arrive for romance.  Please be sure to check with the innkeeper when making your reservation to ensure that you have made the best choice for your stay - if unable to meet your requirements, the innkeeper will point you to the best B&B for your needs.

Pets - Please be sure to check with the innkeeper regarding their pet policy: some B&Bs are pet-friendly, but others may have house pets that may not interact well with other animals.  Also, the innkeeper or other guests may have allergies or phobias about pets.

Privacy - Privacy is important and if you are looking forward to a quiet time alone, every B&B specializes in providing that.  If you want to meet and interact with the other guests, you will find ample opportunities to do so.  You may always come and go as you please.

Manners - Courtesy and respect between innkeepers and guests and among the guests themselves are the keys to a pleasant stay.  Guests are usually informed, either verbally or in writing, of the policies at each inn.  The house rules are established for safety, cleanliness, and care. The rule of thumb: When in doubt, please ask.   Please note:  If you have arranged to check-in at a specific time, please do so, or call ahead to arrange an earlier or later arrival. Most inns are run by just one or two people who cannot staff the front desk 24/7.

Reservations - It is a good idea to call in advance to be sure a room is available. Advance deposits via check or credit card are often required, and cancellation policies vary, so be sure to ask when you call. In addition, advise your innkeeper if pets, children, or someone with physical limitations will be accompanying you. Special arrangements may be necessary.

Price - Our Savannah bed and breakfasts are competitively priced for luxury, quality, and value. When you consider the beautiful settings, the well-appointed rooms, the extra amenities, the incredible food, the personal attention, and the privacy, you will realize that our B&Bs are a good value.

Service - Innkeepers know that personal attention to detail and a warm and friendly welcome set us apart from hotels and corporate-owned inns; it is the key difference when choosing your lodging stay.  You choose your setting: either enjoy quiet time together or get to know new people.  No matter the season or reason, you are our priority.  Each time you return, we see a returning friend, not another reservation.  Expect your expectations to be exceeded.  Of course, the inns are mainly historic homes, and you probably won’t find an elevator and not all are fully handicap accessible, but again we will point you to the right inn for your needs. 

When You Go - You will be staying in someone's home, but you won't be living with the innkeepers--privacy and charm are yours. As many of our B&Bs are furnished with antiques and excellent art, please, if you travel with children, remind them of their manners and be mindful of the other guests. We have reasonable cancellation policies, and some inns require multiple-night stays during peak times. Be sure to call ahead to discuss acceptable limits, procedures, and payment options.

Staying at a B&B is a wonderful experience.  Read the rules, ask a few questions, and you'll soon feel at home.  Enjoy exceptional Southern hospitality, make new friends, savor new foods, absorb our history and culture, and learn about our city.  We think you will enjoy yourself so much that you will always consider B&Bs first wherever your travels take you!